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A Daily Habit for Cab Maintenance

Added to the maintenance of taxis or cabs was a mandatory safety measure ensuring the healthy well-being of both drivers and clients, especially when the pandemic lasted for more than a year. However, even without the contagious pandemic, cab maintenance became a habit or routine for most Chapel Hill, TN, taxi drivers who are currently working for our company, Action Taxi.

As the best quality transportation provider, we are not only into cab maintenance repairs but also contributing to the general well-being of drivers and clients. Here are the habits our drivers routinely practice in their daily maintenance.

1. Extra clean interior

Extra detail or deep interior cleaning is one habit our drivers practice every day. They use hot water and the appropriate cleaning solutions to keep door handles, steering wheels, switches, and controls clean. They avoid using bleach because it likely damages leather and causes corrosion on metal and plastic surfaces. Instead, they use alcohol-based wipes or solutions containing at least 70% alcohol.

2. Checking the exterior

Exterior checking includes not only a thorough washing and waxing of the surfaces. In providing the best transportation services across Chapel Hill, our drivers are responsible for checking the tire pressure, which should be between 32 and 35 psi. Also, headlights and windshields are always in their best condition to ensure safety and comfort throughout the ride.

3. Checking of the battery, oil, and cabin air filter

Another routine our drivers do is check the car batteries and change the oil and cabin filter whenever necessary. Testing and inspecting the batteries decreases the chances of failure because acid buildup can cause difficulty starting the car. Changing the oil is a must, as this reduces the buildup of dirt in the engine. Lastly, our drivers also change the air filter to prolong the engine’s “life.”

4. Checking the brake system

Among the most critical habits our drivers practice daily is checking the brake system to guarantee that passengers are safe and sound. Our drivers make the necessary repairs when necessary. But basically, our drivers check and change any damaged hoses, master cylinders, or calipers.

Taxi Action drivers perform daily maintenance to ensure the safety of our clients. To avail of our services, you may call 615-582-9635.