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Your Safest and Most Comfortable Taxi Service in Columbia, TN

1. Safety

Our clients’ safety is our top priority. This rule is within our mission of providing quality services that ensure our clients are safe and sound upon reaching their destinations. Our company guarantees that our hired drivers have undergone extensive screening tests, skills tests, and professional driving courses and passed other requirements to be part of our exemplary Action Taxi drivers.

2. Comfort

Another thing we prioritize with the vehicles we have in service is the coziness of the ride we provide our clients. We currently have the following that we know can accommodate your transportation needs:

  • Toyota Sienna Van 2014
  • The Toyota Sienna, a spacious minivan, is designed for comfort. The van can accommodate a seating capacity of seven to eight passengers. Moreover, the Sienna van is best if you have luggage or cargo. To add to the comfort that our van can provide, each row of seats has different features that clients enjoy. The front seats are heated and adjustable, and the second and third rows have a built-in footrest.

  • Lincoln Town Cars 2011
  • With a six-seat capacity and a spacious trunk, the Lincoln Town Cars are one of the few remaining luxury sedans on the market. The Lincoln Town cars’ interior dimensions are comfortable and have a whopping capacity for cargo or luggage in the trunk.

The models of vehicles we use in providing our services are for our valued clients’ safety and comfort. With a whopping population of more than 40,000 in Columbia, TN, taxis have become one of the necessities for people to reach where they want to go. Companies have tried to meet the demand by offering transportation services, but we, the Action Taxi, can guarantee the highest quality service within Columbia, Tennessee. Call us now at 615-582-9635 to book a service.