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There is nothing more essential than preserving music and improving the talents of everyone that would like to learn and make a living from it.

Video Submission

If you are a band or artist in the Aurora, CO area looking to establish your music and build a huge fan base, you need to know about the power of a music video. Videos are the internet’s favorite medium, and an overwhelming 64% of all material consumed online is in video format. Getting your music viewed and heard and having a much better chance of becoming established can be vastly helped by having a video. At Life Time Management, we will make sure your video gets submitted to all the key video submission sites so that it stands a great chance of going viral. One of the best ways for new artists to get their music noticed is via this route. Great videos have been the making of a lot of artists currently experiencing widespread fame. Breaking into the music industry is difficult, and it is important to make use of all the resources available to help you achieve your career goals. If you are ready to move to the next stage of your career development, give us a call. We are in the greater Aurora, CO area including the areas of Southlands, Loveland, and Boulder.

Recording a great video is just one aspect of the journey to success. You need to make sure that your video appears on just the right platforms so that more people can view and share it. Life Time Management are experts at video submission and making sure your work gets exactly where it needs to be for maximum exposure.

A lot of your online success comes from knowing exactly which platforms to work with to maximize your results. We make it our business to know and understand the best platforms to use for our artists’ work. Allow us to make the submissions that will benefit your career and music the most. Getting you an expanded fan base and outreach is our ultimate goal. When you are ready to get started on moving your career forward, call us to book an appointment!

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NOTE: If your submission is over 20mb we would advise sharing your through a share link instead to ensure that we could access it. (field beside the attachment field). Make sure your share link is publicly accessible.